CVBC Accreditation

Calvary Victory Bible College is fully accredited by the World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions , a non-governmental accreditation, extended exclusively to private, Christian institutions upon inspection and approval of their programs, operations, and integrity.

WWAC is a worldwide accreditation that honors the separation of church and state, and extends beyond national boundaries. Its standards and expectations measure compliance with scriptural principles as applied to education.

Calvary Victory Bible College accreditation may be verified by contacting:

Dr. Paul Richardson, Executive President
2800 Blendwell Rd

Richmond, VA 23224

Online information:

In the United States, accreditation of universities and seminaries is a voluntary process with accreditation granted by private, non-governmental agencies. Governmental agencies never provide theological accreditation. Additionally, there is no national standard for educational accreditation, and the educational world is currently re-examining criteria for accreditation, focusing less on institutional inputs and more on educational outcomes.

There is no such requirement as Federal or State accreditation of a religious institution, because the civil government has no authority to regulate religious teachings or which certificates or religious degrees upon completion of such education may be issued. This is a matter of separation of Church and State. Politicians and civil authorities must never be allowed to officially endorse or disapprove directly or indirectly the beliefs and practices of churches or their schools.

A casual survey of Church history shows that such linkage with “Caesar” eventually leads to infringement upon conscience, bondage, and corruption. Therefore, to be accredited by any agency, which in turn is controlled by the U.S. Department of Education, would to some degree be a compromise of the separation principle and constitute a violation of the Church’s sovereignty. (Source: Dr. Paul Richardson of WWAC)

Please keep in mind that most Bible Colleges and Christian Universities do not have secular regional accreditation.

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